Q & A

Where can I find a program’s detailed itinerary, including route, hotels, and activities? 
Click here for the Detailed Itinerary of each date

What ages are participants?
Must I have prior association with Iowa State University?

We welcome adults of any age and from anywhere. Most participants are age 50+ and have no direct association with ISU. We enjoy a wide audience of participants from diverse walks of life, who come to our programs from all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. It’s surprising how quickly we become friends as we travel and learn together!

When does a program open for enrollment?
Enrollment opens approximately 8 months prior to each program’s start date. Programs fill quickly and we encourage early enrollment.  We’ll even help you get to the front of the line!  You can request notification when a program opens and decide if you wish to enroll at that time.

What physical abilities are required to participate?
Each Road Scholar program has an activity rating scale from easy to strenuous. All of our programs are MODERATE activity. For our programs, you must be able to independently climb two flights of stairs (at your own pace) and walk up to 2 miles over the course of a day. Here’s a good test if you can join us: Can you climb 4 motorcoach steps within 10 seconds and frequently each day? If so, you should have no problem with the pace of our programs. Please contact us if you have any questions about physical activities.